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Here at the Master Makeup Academy we teach various subjects to cater each course.

Please see some examples below:




Blending Eyeshadow using the color wheel chart

Foundation Application - Color Matching (Undertones)

How to make & create any Foundation using only 4 primary colors

Contour & Bronzing

Holiday Makeup, Halloween, Christmas, New Years Looks

Highlighting & Dewy skin

Concealing & Color Correcting

Natural Smokey eyeshadow & Colorful cut crease eyeshadows

"Baking" & how to correctly apply to different SKIN TYPES

Eyebrow Application & Face Shapes

False Eyelash Application

Lips & Lips Contouring

Setting The Makeup

Removal of the Makeup Application

Skin Care + Sanitizing

* The Business Side of the Beauty Industry *

How to work in the industry

Business contracts and client work

How to start your freelance makeup career

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